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          凭借国际船舶入级和认证、培训和咨询等相关服务, 我们将帮助您在符合各种海运行业质量、健康、安全和环境要求的前提下发展业务。我们的服务覆盖了船舶的整个生命周期,从设计阶段一直到船只运营和退役中的检验。从而帮助您达成目标,为船舶所有者、船舶建造者、设备制造商、保险商、经纪人、银行和船旗国带来利益。

          As an operator in the maritime industry, you know that global shipping efficiency depends largely on the free movement of ships and capital, supported by international standards which have to be set, recognized and maintained.

          Expert bodies such as Bureau Veritas, with international outreach in ship classification and related services such as certification, training and consultancy, can help achieve this, and thus bring benefits to ship-owners, shipbuilders, shipyards, equipment manufacturers, insurers, brokers, bankers and Flag States.

          We can help you develop your activities while keeping in line with relevant quality, health and safety, and environmental requirements of the maritime industry. Our services cover the entire ship’s life cycle, from the design stage through to the surveys of vessels in operation and decommissioning.

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          龙de船人旗下网站 《龙船招聘网》 版权所有(http://www.zhoujidz.com)
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